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Kosher Cruises

Kosher cruises are designed for Jewish vacationers who want to adhere to Jewish dietary laws while they travel. Since the companies who specialize in kosher cruises, like Kosherica and Kosher Cruises, cater specifically to Jewish individuals, a kosher cruise might also feature other elements of Jewish tradition (like daily prayer services), or they might take you to destinations of particular significance in the Jewish worldview. There aren't many of these types of cruises per year. However, since individuals who eat kosher often confront dietary problems when they travel, a kosher cruise to some people is simply any cruise that offers kosher dining options. (In other words, a "kosher cruise" doesn't need to be entirely centered on one's Jewish faith.) Below you will find some information about who offers kosher cruises, as well as how to book a kosher cruise. Read more [...]