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Last-Minute Costco Cruises

Last-minute Costco cruises, as you can probably guess, are cruises offered by Costco that can be purchased at the last minute, often at a discounted rate. You can book last-minute cruises with essentially any cruise line or travel company - all you have to do is, well, book at the last-minute - but Costco specifically advertises their last-minute offerings and dedicates a section of their website to them. They are therefore something of a focus for Costco. All Costco's last-minute cruises are also classified as "featured deals," which means that the trips will be discounted in one way or another - you'll get a special rate for being a Costco member or you'll get shipboard credit. Below we assess Costco's last-minute cruises, providing you with a guide to the various offerings as you contemplate your next vacation. Read more [...]

How to Book a Last-Minute Cruise

As a recent series of articles about last-minute cruises shows, we are keen to explain all the details of this type of cruise vacation to our readers. We've explored who can take a last-minute cruise and who cannot take a last-minute cruise, and more generally we've written an introduction to last-minute cruises. These articles make it clear that while last-minute cruises are an excellent vacation option to consider if you want to keep costs down, there are a number of practical limitations that preclude some from taking them. But suppose you are one of the people who can seize these great deals. The question of course becomes: how do you actually go about booking a last-minute cruise? Read more [...]

Those Who Cannot Take Last-Minute Cruises

Last-minute cruises, a perennial interest of ours and our readers, are an excellent option to consider if you are looking to take an affordable cruise vacation. There are other ways to find cheap cruises, but perhaps no method is more efficient than waiting to book at the last minute, when a cruise line has a strong financial incentive to book every open seat (should any exist). That said, last-minute cruises are only a live option for some people, as we recently discussed in an article about those who can take a last-minute cruise. Here we reverse the question, asking who can't take a last-minute cruise, explicitly addressing what was before merely inferable. Read more [...]

Those Who Can Take A Last-Minute Cruise

Last-minute cruises are of great interest to many people. The last-minute deals available are often impressive, allowing people to take a cruise who might not otherwise be able to afford one. But given that last-minute cruises are only offered at (naturally) the last minute, you might wonder how anyone is able to take one. Cruises are a fairly elaborate undertaking and in general require some advanced planning. Who, then, is able to take a last-minute cruise? Are last-minute cruises available to only a select few? Read more [...]

Last-Minute Cruises: An Introduction

Last-minute cruises are only available, of course, at the last minute. One takes a last-minute cruise because they often cost less than cruises booked within the normal time frame, which is several months before the cruise departs, as most people need to plan for a cruise fairly far in advanced. However, if you have a flexible lifestyle, last-minute cruises are an excellent opportunity to explore. As the title of this article suggests, this is an introduction to last-minute cruises, covering how they work and why they are a good value. Read more [...]

Last Minute Cruise Auctions

If you want to score some of the biggest deals the cruise industry has to offer, book your cruise 30-60 days before the sailing date through any cruise line. If you need a little help booking your last minute cruise, why not check out last minute cruise auctions? The quickest and easiest way to access last minute cruise auctions is online. Read more [...]