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After Coronavirus, What is the Next Step for the Cruise Industry?

It is no secret that the cruise industry has slowed to a halt in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Most companies have suspended operations until May, and it's unclear if they will need to wait even longer to resume sailings. This, quite obviously, is a major financial strain on them; it also hurts their ability to pay their employees. Naturally, experts across the industry are scrambling to assemble some sort plan for getting their operations back on track. This certainly involves figuring out Read more [...]

Cruise Ships All Over the World Are Being Laid Up

In light of the fact that actually operating ships and adhering to itineraries is becoming increasingly unrealistic due to coronavirus, ships all over the world are being forced to lay up. Read more [...]

Updates on a Few Cruise Fleets from Around the World

Ever since coronavirus has broken out across the world, cruise lines are rushing to figure out what to do with their fleets. Read more [...]
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