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Swamp Cruises in Louisiana

While there are a number of swamp tours in the states along the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana is definitely where most are concentrated. When you search for "swamp cruises" or variants ("swamp tour," "swamp boat tour," and so on), the first few results are almost always for Louisiana. Louisiana's position as the capital of swamp cruises makes sense, as so much of the state is in fact a swamp; the entire coast is basically a giant wetland, at least for now (rising sea levels are slowly absorbing the marshes into the sea, alas). Below we provide a guide to the swamp cruises of Louisiana, pointing you to who offers them and what you can expect while taking one. Read more [...]
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Whale Watching Cruises in Louisiana

There are no whale watching cruises in Louisiana. Normally, we would shy away from such emphatic language, and we suppose there could be some hidden whale watching cruise that operates somewhere along the Louisiana coast, but by all indications there are simply no whale watching cruises in Louisiana. There do not even appear to be whale watching opportunities in any form whatsoever. We will therefore be brief in this article, as there is very little information to convey about whale watching cruises in Louisiana apart from the fact that they don't exist. Read more [...]