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Mississippi River Cruises: An Overview

Cruise vacations are deeply intertwined with the experience of being at sea, and rightfully so, as cruises are generally affairs that take place on the ocean. However, cruises can take place on other bodies of water, including rivers, provided the river is large enough to accommodate a ship that might meaningfully be called a "cruise ship." One river that is definitely large enough is the Mississippi River, and there are plenty of cruises that sail along it. Mississippi River cruises take a number of different forms: they can be long or short, take place in a large ship or a small ship, cover most of the river or only a small portion, and so on. A Mississippi River cruise can also emphasize different things; some Mississippi River cruises are essentially quick sightseeing trips, whereas others are primarily slow, leisurely trips down the Mississippi. In this article, we sort out all you need to know about Mississippi River cruises. Read more [...]