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Whale Watching Cruises in Monterey: A Guide

Monterey is a relatively small California coastal city that, thanks to its position on the south end of Monterey Bay, is teeming with whale watching opportunities. Indeed, the city of Monetery may have more whale watching companies per capita than any other city in California, a state in which almost every coastal city of a certain size has at least one or two whale watching tour companies. Having already written an overview of whale watching in the entire Monterey Bay, we decided to narrow our focus, zeroing in on whale watching cruises that leave from Monterey specifically. Read more [...]
whale watching cruises

Whale Watching Cruises in Monterey Bay: A Guide

Monterey Bay is part of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, one of the most diverse marine ecosystems in the world and the largest marine sanctuary in the United States. Among other things, this makes Monterey Bay a superb place to take a whale watching cruise, and there are plenty of whale watching cruises to be taken along this stretch of the California coastline. There are whale watching cruise companies in Santa Cruz, Monterey, and a couple of places in between. There is an abundance of options, which is good, but it also makes it harder to make sense of all the possibilities, so below we have compiled a guide to whale watching cruises in Monterey Bay. Read more [...]