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Rock Legends Cruise

Rock Legends Cruise

Are you ready to rock? Rock Legends 5th fabulous adventure cruise to the Caribbean leaves in just a few months, in January of 2016! The cruise is currently sold out, but you can call 888-666-1499 to be added to the waiting list. This cruise will feature more than 20 bands! If you don’t get onto the 2016 Rock Legends cruise, have no worries our rock ‘n’ roll-loving friends. The 6th Rock Legends cruise is already being planned for January 2017. Read more [...]
'70s music cruise

70’s Music Cruise to Bermuda

If hearing ‘70s music makes you want to put on a flowy dress or platform shoes, and find a disco ball to twirl under, you might want check out the ‘70’s Music Cruise to Bermuda. This polyester shirt-filled cruise to the Caribbean has been taking passengers back in time, and to some of the most exotic locales on earth, for a few years now. It’s back for a 2016 cruise that will leave on April 30th for a 5-night magical mystery tour to Bermuda, a destination made for groovy times Read more [...]
Def Leppard cruise

Def Leppard Cruise: Hysteria on the High Seas

Can you remember exactly where you were, or at least how old you were and what was going on in your life, when someone mentions “Pour Some Sugar on Me” or “Rock of Ages?” How about “Foolin’” and “Love Bites?” We can, and we bet many of you can too. We were living lives of excess, partying it up with songs by hair bands like Def Leppard playing as a soundtrack. We were screaming “pyromania” at the top of our lungs, and we were singing along to “Hysteria” because that’s all that was really on our minds. Well, not all. But, close. How would you like to relive those days, if only for 4 days? If those carefree and careless times are calling to you, consider joining Def Leppard on a “Animal” kind of cruise to the Bahamas, on the Def Leppard Cruise: Hysteria on the High Seas. Read more [...]
music cruises

Sixthman Music Festivals at Sea

If you love the idea of concerts on the open ocean, you might want to keep your eye on Sixthman Festivals at Sea. Sixthman is a company that has been creating music festivals at sea since 2001. They’ve pioneered elaborate cruise experiences for music lovers, musicians, and other artists. Since they started these cruises, they’ve hosted more than 170,000 guests. Read more [...]
'80s Cruise

Rock Out with Your Favorite ’80s Bands on The ’80s Cruise

Want a chance to see big hair bands and music video stars from the ‘80s, up close and personal? You can on The ‘80s Cruise, a music-themed cruise that sets sail February 28th, 2016 en route to San Juan, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, and other exotic locales. Think you’d like to hear more? We’re happy to put it all on blast for you. Read more [...]
ShipRocked Rock & Roll Cruise

ShipRocked: The Ultimate Rock & Roll Cruise

We assume you like cruises, since you’re browsing this website. But, do you like rock & roll? If so, consider setting aside 4 days in January 2016 to get “ShipRocked”. ShipRocked: The Ultimate Rock & Roll Cruise sets sail on January 18th, 2016, for an adventure through the Mexican Caribbean. It will transport passengers to destinations filled with energy, and it will provide many opportunities to experience the excitement of rock music on a luxury cruise ship. Read more [...]