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The Sinking of the MV Goya

The sinking of the MV Goya was one of the worst ship disasters of all time. By "worst ship disaster," we mean deadliest ship disaster, and deadly it was. When the Goya sank, nearly all of the approximately 7,000 passengers and crew members on board the ship died. With a death toll near 7,000, it is the second deadliest disaster in recorded maritime history. The most deadly ship disaster involved the MV Wilhelm Gustloff, and the sinking of this vessel shares many similarities with the sinking of the Goya. Both were German ships that participated in World War II (WWII), both were taken down by Soviet submarines, and both were catastrophic in terms of loss of human life. Below is an overview of the Goya disaster, as well as the Goya's role in WWII. Read more [...]
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