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Carnival Announces Another New Ship!

A ceremony to commemorate a new ship called the Carnival Panorama was held in Italy, and Carnival has begun to release all the details we need to know about the ship. While it'll be a short bit until anyone can take a trip on it (the ship is currently on a passenger-less voyage across the Atlantic to allow the crew to get accustomed to it), read ahead to see what you can expect out of the newest vessel! Read more [...]

Carnival Announces New Ship for Galveston Port

Texans with dreams of hitting the sea, pay close attention: Carnival Cruises has announced that it will be adding a new ship to their Galveston port! Read on to hear all that we currently know about the new ship! Read more [...]

The Norwegian Breakaway, the Newest Ship in the Norwegian Cruise Line Fleet

Although it sounds like a book about Norway's declaration of independence (which was actually a dissolution of its union with Sweden in 1905), the Norwegian Breakaway is in fact a cruise ship in the Norwegian Cruise Line fleet with regular departures from New York, all year long. From May to September, it sails to Bermuda, and from October to April it sails to Florida and the Bahamas. It is the newest ship in the NCL fleet, having been built in 2013, although the Norwegian Getaway, which is in the same class as the Norwegian Breakaway (the Breakaway Class), will be put into service soon. Below you will find some basic information about this ship, which as a new ship has garnered lots of attention. Huge new cruise ships like the Norwegian Breakaway aren't built every day, after all, and the introduction of a new vessel to a fleet can fundamentally alter a cruise line. Read more [...]

The Best New Cruise Ship

Every year, new cruise ships take their inaugural voyage, and there is always a lot of discussion about these new ships as passengers experience them for the first time. This got us thinking: what is the best new cruise ship? As is always the case when you try to determine the best of anything, judgements will differ. The best cruise ship to one passenger will not necessarily be the best cruise ship to another passenger. Even so, we can't resist a good "best of" article, and although people will inevitably disagree with our selection (which is itself based on what other people regard as the best cruise ship - more on this in a second), we're still confident that whatever ship we pick will be a topnotch cruise ship. Read more [...]