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Cruises from NJ

Cruises from New Jersey - often written "cruises from NJ" for those who can't be bothered to type a few extra letters - are more precisely cruises from the Cape Liberty Cruise Port, which is located in Bayonne, New Jersey, just across the New York Harbor from Brooklyn. (For those unfamiliar with the geography of this sprawling metropolitan region of the country, Bayonne lines the Eastern side of the harbor.) New Jersey isn't generally thought of as a cruise departure point - if vacationers think of cruises from the Northern East Coast of the U.S. at all, they generally think of cruises from New York City - but there are in fact a number of cruises that leave from Cape Liberty in New Jersey every year. These cruises from NJ are overwhelming offered by Royal Caribbean International, although Celebrity Cruises offers a few as well. If you are interested in (or just curious about) taking a cruise from New Jersey, keep reading, as all the basics of this port of departure are covered below. Read more [...]
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