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Bateaux New York

Bateaux New York: Dining Cruises

Bateaux New York is a dining cruise company that is based in, not surprisingly, New York. In addition to brunch, lunch, and dinner cruises, the company offers special dining cruises for holidays, and the ship, which is also called Bateaux New York, can be chartered for corporate events or private parties too. The following is a guide to Bateaux New York, which explains exactly what the company offers, as well as fits these offerings within the larger range of cruises offered by Entertainment Cruises, the company that owns Bateaux New York. Read more [...]

Cruises from New York

Cruises from New York? Is that possible? Indeed it is, as there are numerous cruises from New York every year, which are offered by at least six different cruise lines: Carnival, Norwegian, Disney, Holland America, Celebrity, and Royal Caribbean. In March alone, there were 13 cruises from New York, and there are even more leaving in the month of April. Cruises from New York travel to several different destinations, from the Caribbean to Canada, from the Bahamas to Europe. Since not many people associate New York with cruise ships (or really anything about the cruise industry), we figured it was high time for an article explaining the important details about cruises that depart from New York. (We'll start with this one: by "cruises from New York," we mean "cruises from New York City." One port is in Manhattan, and there is another port for particularly large ships in Brooklyn. There is also a port in New Jersey called the Cape Liberty Cruise Port.) Read more [...]

World Yacht Cruises New York

Destiny has two decks and like Duchess and Princess, she has a fully equipped gallery, furnished outdoor deck, full-service bar on all decks, panoramic views, and she is equipped for AV uses. All World Yacht vessels are U.S. Coast Guard Certified. Read more [...]

Cruise Lines Leaving From New York

Departing from New York is not only popular because of what the city has to offer, but also because of the variety of cruises that depart from the Big Apple. The types of cruises that depart from New York range from three-day mini-cruises to full-blown to 40-106 day (or more) world cruises! Read more [...]
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