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Dining Cruises in Newport Beach: A Guide

There are a number of dining cruises, including brunch, dinner, and holiday cruises, in New Port Beach, and thanks to the city's year-round Mediterranean climate, these cruises are offered throughout the year. Essentially all the dining cruises are offered by Hornblower Cruises, which is one of the nation's major providers of dining cruises, one that happens to have a particularly heavy presence in California. However, there are other dining cruise providers if you include companies that charter boats for private events. Below we have compiled a guide to dining cruises in Newport Beach, which focuses on Hornblower, but a couple of the boat chartering companies are touched on as well. Read more [...]
Valentine's Day dinner cruises

Valentine’s Day Cruises in Newport Beach, California

If you are in Newport Beach on Valentine's Day, there are two types of cruises you can take. You can take a brunch or dinner cruise with Hornblower Cruises, or you can take a shorter cruise with Newport Landing that does not include a meal. Between the two companies' offerings, there are a lot of different ways to celebrate Valentine's Day in Newport Beach on the water, and below we explain what is available in one concise guide. Read more [...]
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Whale Watching Cruises in Newport Beach: A Guide

Like a number of cities in California, there are many whale watching cruises out of Newport Beach. Three major companies in Newport Beach offer whale watching cruises all year long. The number of whale watching opportunities from Newport Beach is almost comparable to San Diego, despite the fact that Newport Beach's population is more than 15 times smaller. (Whale watching cruises from both cities more or less explore the same California waters, so the industries of each city are blended together.) Below we've put together a guide to whale watching cruises in Newport Beach that explains what is available and how you can go about securing a spot on board a ship. Read more [...]