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Norwegian Cruise Line – It’s the Free Style Cruising Cruise Line, No Matter How You Spell It

We all know that the word "Norwegian" can be (relatively) hard to spell for those unfamiliar with it. Vowels are always difficult to keep track of, and "Norwegian" has plenty of them, making it hard to "sound out," to resort to first-grade parlance. It is for this reason that one might question the wisdom of naming a cruise line "Norwegian Cruise Line." The name is butchered all the time in the searches we get: "Norweigian Cruise Line," "Norweigen Cruise Line," and so on. If you can't even spell the company's name, how are you going to look it up? (Ok, obviously it's not that hard, but still.) How did Norwegian Cruise Line come to be, and what is Norwegian Cruise Line anyway? Read more [...]