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Dining Cruises in Oahu, Hawaii: A Guide

Thanks to Honolulu, Oahu is by far the most populated of the Hawaiian Islands, and presumably it is this large population, combined with a steady flow of tourists all year, that supports the wide array of dining cruises offered on the island. The number and diversity of dining cruises on Oahu can in fact be a bit overwhelming. A few basic searches online will turn up a sea of results, making it hard to figure out exactly what's on offer. This is especially true since so many of the entities "offering" dining cruises from Oahu are actually third-party sellers, which creates a lot of duplicate information scattered across various websites. Basically, there is a lot to wade through when looking for dining cruises on Oahu, so we have attempted to gather up the most relevant details and distill it into the following guide. Our main objective is to determine who offers what, but we'll conclude with a couple of notes about booking a dining cruise from Oahu. Read more [...]
whale watching cruises

Whale Watching Cruises from Oahu, Hawaii: A Guide

Simply because it is in Hawaii, Oahu is an excellent place to take a whale watching cruise. The Hawaiian Islands are one of the best places in the world to whale watch because of the large influx of whales that appear off the shores each winter, and they can be seen regardless of where you are in Hawaii. However, despite being by far the most populated Hawaiian Island, there aren't as many whale watching cruises on Oahu as some of the other islands, and the ones that do exist are fairly hard to find. After looking through dozens of websites, though, we managed to come up with what should be a comprehensive (or almost comprehensive) guide to whale watching cruises in Oahu. Read more [...]
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