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Carnival Cruises Exploring the Panama Canal

Carnival Cruise Line offers a number of cruises that regularly pass through the 51 mile long Panama Canal connecting the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. Read more [...]

Vegan Vacation at Sea 2016

We’ve found another cruise for you for 2016 that you can go on if you want to explore beautiful waters and spectacular lands, and eat amazing vegan food the entire time you’re doing it. Vegan Vacation at Sea will make a trip through the Panama Canal starting on October 30th and ending on November 9th. It will give a limited number of passengers the chance to experience a peaceful, inspiring, and enriching opportunity to nourish the mind, body, and spirit. Vegan Vacation at Sea treats guests to views of stunning water and landscapes and it keeps them fed with all-natural and ethical fare. Read more [...]
Transcanal Cruise

Panama Canal Cruises: What Does “Partial Transit” Mean?

If you have ever looked into cruises to the Panama Canal or transcanal cruises, you've probably seen the phrase "partial transit" (or potentially "partial crossing"). As you might have guessed, "partial transit" means that the cruise ship does not fully traverse the Panama Canal, but merely goes part of the way through it and then turns around, exiting through its point of entry. This is, in the simplest terms, what "partial transit" means in the context of a Panama Canal cruise. However, much more can be said about partial transit cruises of the Panama Canal, which is why we have dedicated an article to the subject. Exactly what does partial transit of the Panama Canal entail, and how can you go about booking one of these cruises? Read more [...]
Transcanal Cruise

How to Book a Panama Canal Cruise

In a previous article, we explained what cruises to the Panama Canal are, and we also distinguished them from transcanal cruises, or cruises that sail all the way through the Panama Canal. (Confusingly, both are called "Panama Canal cruises" in certain instances.) It turns out that booking a cruise to the Panama Canal is somewhat difficult. Well, "difficult" isn't really the right word, as there is nothing particularly complicated about booking a cruise to the Panama Canal - it is just that many of the cruises to the Panama Canal aren't marketed as such. So, below we explain how to book a Panama Canal cruise, and also how to go about finding them. Read more [...]
Transcanal Cruise

Cruises to the Panama Canal

The title "Cruises to the Panama Canal" contains an important preposition, "to." The word "to" is significant in this instance because it distinguishes cruises to the Panama Canal from cruises through the Panama Canal, which are also called transcanal cruises. The latter are offered infrequently because they are repositioning cruises, whereas cruises to the Panama Canal are offered more consistently throughout the year. Having already covered transcanal cruise and how to book them, we decided to focus on cruises that merely visit the Panama Canal and then return to their port of departure. Below you will find an overview of these cruises to the Panama Canal. Read more [...]
Transcanal Cruise

Transcanal Cruises: How To Book a Cruise through the Panama Canal

Transcanal cruises, which are cruises through the Panama Canal, appeal to a lot of different people. First, there are people who want to cruise to the general region of the world where the Panama Canal is located. One needn't take a transcanal cruise in particular to visit this area, but it's a good option that covers a lot of territory, including parts of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Second, there are people who specifically want to see the Panama Canal - because it's an engineering marvel, it's of enormous historical importance, etc. - and a transcanal cruise is the perfect way to do this. Third, there are people who want to take a transcanal cruise as a way to travel from region of the country to another via a scenic ocean route. (Of course, one could have multiple motivations for taking a transcanal cruise.) Given the broad appeal of transcanal cruises, we thought we would explain how to book a cruise through the Panama Canal. Read more [...]
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