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Cruise ship visitors can tour New York City by ferry.

Save A Day of Your Vacation – Depart From New York

If you are a resident of the east coast, then when booking a cruise, you are likely to be looking at ships which sail out of the Port of Miami or possibly another port in Florida. But boarding your ship in Florida means that you need to spend almost a day of precious vacation time traveling to and from the port. What many travelers don’t know is that they can recover that lost day of vacation time, or a great deal of it, by booking a cruise which departs from one of two ports in the New York Read more [...]
Fort Lauderdale Beach

The Port City of Fort Lauderdale in the Everglades: Things to See and Do When You Are Leaving on a Cruise

Simply by virtue of being in Florida, the state at the center of the American cruise industry, the Port of Fort Lauderdale (also called Port Everglades) is a hub for cruising. Forty-two cruise ships run by eight major cruise lines have a presence in Fort Lauderdale, and if you are planning any sort of Caribbean cruise, there is a fairly good chance you'll leave from the Fort Lauderdale Port. Indeed, if you are planning any cruise that could benefit from a departure point on the southeast coast of Florida, you could find yourself in Fort Lauderdale. Given the city's central importance to cruise vacationers, we thought it would be helpful to explain what you can see and do in the port city of Fort Lauderdale. You'll likely have some time to kill before or after you cruise, so you may as well spend that time seeing the sights of Fort Lauderdale. Read more [...]

Port of Call

Whether you're cruising around the Caribbean, taking a voyage to Fiji or sailing the French Atlantic, you'll always find yourself near an exciting port of call. Read more [...]