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The Difference Between a Luxury Cruise Line and a Regular Cruise Line

The word "luxury" is somewhat hard to define. What is luxurious to some may not be luxurious to others, and not all industries attach the label "luxury" to their services and products in the same way. This should make outlining the difference between a luxury cruise line and a regular cruise line, our current focus, somewhat difficult. If it is hard to get a handle on what a luxury cruise line is, it'll be difficult to contrast a luxury cruise line with a cruise line that does not advertise itself as such. So, how are we to go about outlining the differences between luxury cruise lines and regular cruise lines? Read more [...]

The Difference Between Freighter Cruises and Regular Cruises

Freighter cruises have been on our minds recently. First, we wrote an overview of freighter cruises, covering the essential information about these unique vacations, and then we explained how to book a freighter cruise, which was necessary because of the vast differences between booking a regular cruise and a freighter cruise. (By "regular cruise," we simply mean a cruise vacation offered through a cruise line.) Reflecting on this last remark gave rise to the present article: booking a regular cruise is so much different from booking a freighter cruise because these two types of cruises are so different; however, they are both called "cruises," which might suggest to some that they are more similar than they actually are. As stated, they are not similar at all, so we thought it would be beneficial to spell out the main differences between freighter cruises and regular cruises. And, to bring our reasoning full circle, hence the present article. Read more [...]
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