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Repositioning Cruises: What Kinds of Discounts and Deals are Available?

Having explained the basics of repositioning cruises and described the sort of people who can take transitional cruises (as repositioning cruises are sometimes known), we figured we should now delve into the specific types of cruises you can take. After all, even if you gathered that you like the idea of repositioning cruises and have determined you are able to take one after reading these first two articles, this still doesn't tell you much about what possibilities actually await you when you start looking into taking a repositioning cruise. Where and when exactly can you take a repositioning cruise? What kinds of deals or discounts can you get by taking a repositioning cruise? To these and similar questions we now turn our attention. Read more [...]

Repositioning Cruises: Who Can Take Them?

Repositioning cruises are often overlooked as a vacation possibility. To an extent, this makes sense, as they are somewhat difficult to arrange. As we explained in our article about the basics of repositioning cruises, they tend to take longer than a regular cruise, and they are also one-way, so you end up far away from your port of embarkation, necessitating a long flight home (if you need to go home). Both characteristics of repositioning cruises nullify their viability for the majority of regular cruisers, which caused us to wonder exactly who can take a repositioning cruises. They are a bit complicated, so what type of person is even in a position to take one? Read more [...]

Repositioning Cruises: The Basics

Here is a problem for cruise lines: they can't offer cruises to some regions of the world all year, but they also don't want the ships dedicated to this region to remain unused until the next season. The resolution to this problem is the repositioning cruise, a voyage that repositions (as one might suspect) a ship from one cruising territory to another. Repositioning cruises, which are also called "repo cruises" and "transitional cruises," provide cruise lines with the additional benefit of allowing them to send their ships from one side of the world to the other while still making money from passenger fares. But the passengers benefit too, as the fares for repositioning cruises are often substantially discounted (relative to standard cruises). Our sense is that repositioning cruises tend to fly under the radar of the average cruise vacationer - a lot of people are not even aware of them - so we've outlined repositioning cruises below in case any of our readers are interested in pursuing them. Read more [...]