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How to Get a Job on a Riverboat

To look for riverboat jobs, if you have a local riverboat cruise line in mind, visit the cruise line website first to search for job openings. Most cruise lines have an entire section devoted to careers in cruising. Read more [...]

Riverboat Cruises

Contrary to popular belief, riverboat cruises offer much, much more than hour-long sightseeing tours and romantic dinners. Riverboat cruises are fast becoming the most popular types of cruises for visitors to exotic and historic destinations. If you don't know too much about riverboat cruises or you're not sure what to expect on a riverboat cruise, continue reading to get an idea of the types of riverboats available, popular riverboat destinations and how to book a riverboat cruise. Read more [...]

Lewis and Clark Riverboat Cruises

Located at the Historic Port of Bismarck, North Dakota, the Lewis and Clark Riverboat is a 150 passenger vessel that travels the rivers of Lewis and Clark, Sakakawea, Custer, and Sitting Bull. Considered North Dakota's tourist attraction of the year, Lewis and Clark Riverboat cruises feature a climate controlled lower deck, a spacious top deck, a licensed bar and snack bar, two restrooms, a smoke free environment, a well-stocked gift shop located at the dock, and even bike rentals. Read more [...]
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