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How to Book an RSVP Cruise

As we explained in a previous article about RSVP Cruises, it is not entirely clear what "RSVP Cruises" refers to. In looking for "RSVP Cruises," one might be looking for the gay and lesbian cruises organized by RSVP Vacations, or one might be looking for the company Jerry and David's Cruises and Tours, an agency that caters to gay and lesbian travelers and uses the URL (The two companies are linked in that you can use Jerry and David's Cruises and Tours to book your cruise vacation through RSVP Vacations.) You might also be looking for information about booking a cruise that is not necessarily a gay cruise because you associate "RSVP" with "reservation," but that is neither here nor there. For those who are looking to book an RSVP cruise, the gay cruises offered through RSVP Vacations, you've come to the right place, as this article is aimed at this one question: how do you book an RSVP cruise? Read more [...]

RSVP Cruises

RSVP Cruises is one of the more confusing companies (or rather phrases) that you might encounter. By "RSVP Cruises," one might mean one of the cruise vacations offered through RSVP Vacations, which organizes gay cruises (or actually gay and lesbian cruises, but most of their clients are men). However, "RSVP Cruises" could just as easily lead you (for reasons that will become clear below) to Jerry and David's Cruises and Tours, a company distinct from RSVP Vacations (but they have a partnership of sorts because Jerry and David's, a travel agency, can book RSVP Vacations' cruises for their clients) that also specializes in gay and lesbian cruise vacations (along with gay and lesbian tours, but they emphasize cruises). Still further, one might search for "RSVP cruises" merely to find out something about booking a cruise, and nothing about gay cruises specifically. So, there is nothing straightforward about "RSVP Cruises," but below we sort it out for you. Read more [...]
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