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A Few Easy Ways to Stay Safe on a Cruise

The biggest news in the cruise world right now is that of the Royal Caribbean passenger who gained a lifetime ban for herself after posing for a photo on the railing of a ship, seriously endangering herself. While it's obvious to many of us that this is reckless behavior that even the best selfie may not be worth, it's times like this that serve as the perfect moment to remind ourselves of some very simple ways to stay safe on our cruises. Read more [...]

How To Avoid Norovirus On Your Next Cruise

Taking every precaution to avoid Norovirus contamination might not be how you wanted to spend your vacation, but it is certainly better than spending your trip alone and sick in your cabin. Read more [...]

Royal Caribbean Issues Safety Notice Upon Docking In Nassau

All passengers and crew members on the Anthem of the Seas received a letter from the captain to provide important safety information regarding the port call to Nassau, Bahamas. Read more [...]
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The Best Carry On For a Cruise or Flying

Many travelers prefer to use a backpack as their designated carry on item. Not only does it offer a great deal of space, but it can be carried in a variety of ways. Thrown over one shoulder it is easy to quickly grab and put down when boarding a plane, bus or getting into a taxi. And when it is worn over both shoulders the weight is evenly distributed and you have both hands free for safety. This is great for maneuvering in wet conditions or going up and down steps. Read more [...]

Cruise Tips for Caregivers Traveling With a Loved One

As a caregiver, you are focused on making sure that your loved one is safe, comfortable and enjoying his or her travel as much as possible. But if you have never booked a cruise before, then you might not be aware of some of the information which could make the cruise much less stressful and also much more enjoyable for both you and your loved one. Following a few simple tips from other travelers who are also caregivers will help to make your first cruise a fabulous experience for both you and Read more [...]
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Something for Everyone Can Be Found On the High Seas

In the past, the cruise industry was viewed as a way for seniors to vacation in a safe and low key environment. But it was not a vacation choice for families or the younger crowd. However, all of that has changed as cruise lines now offer a huge variety of destinations, themed cruises and even adventure trips. And each one of these floating cities offers activities, entertainment and cuisine that appeals to travelers of any age and from every walk of life. Regardless of where the cruise is going, Read more [...]