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How to Book a Scandinavian Cruise

As of late, we've been writing about Scandinavian cruises. First, we wrote about exactly what a Scandinavian cruise is, and then we provided some more specific details about the various Scandinavian cruises you can take. In doing so, we may have inspired some readers to consider a Scandinavian cruise, and if we did inspire a few people, we felt it would cruel not to explain how to go about booking a Scandinavian cruise. And that is, of course, the purpose of this article. We can tell you everything in the world about them, but if we don't explain how you can actually book a Scandinavian cruise, something is clearly missing. Read more [...]

Scandinavian Cruise: A Closer Look

In a recent article about Scandinavian cruises, we explained what a "Scandinavian" cruise is. This was surprisingly difficult, primarily because the word "Scandinavia" is flexible. It can be restrictive, referring only to the two countries on the Scandinavian Peninsula (Sweden and Norway); it can be inclusive, including all of the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland); or it can be somewhere in between, referring only to Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, three countries that are closely related for ethnic and linguistic reasons. Obviously, though, we don't get to decide what "Scandinavia" means, so neither do we get to define what a Scandinavian cruise is. Clearly, though, it should at least involve one of the countries listed above, and if it does, it may be referred to as a "Scandinavian cruise." With that rough criterion in mind, what specific types of Scandinavian cruises are available? Read more [...]