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How to Book a Scottish Cruise

When we write an article about cruises connected to a specific part of the world, we feel a certain obligation to follow it up with an explanation of how to actually book one of these cruises. You can know everything there is to know about the cruise itself, and yet have no idea how to actually take one. And so as a follow-up to our article about Scotland cruises, we will explain how to book a cruise to, or around, Scotland. Scotland cruises (or Scottish cruises, technically) are perhaps particularly well deserving of an article of this sort because a "Scottish cruise" is a tricky cruise to define. Below we'll explain how to book each of the different types of Scottish cruises, covering cruises to Scotland, cruises from Scotland, and cruises around Scotland. Read more [...]

Scotland Cruises

We were tempted to begin this article in the following way: Scotland cruises are cruises that involve Scotland. This is a simple way to begin an article, and similar formulations have served us in the past when writing about a particular type of cruise. The virtue of this type of declarative start is that it is usually precise and informative, and that is exactly why it can't be used now. Scottish cruises are slightly hard to classify, which is why we used the vague word "involve" above instead some preposition. Are Scotland cruises defined as cruises to Scotland, or are they cruises from Scotland, or something else? You may have a perfectly clear conception of cruises and Scotland, and you may be interested in both, meaning you might have some interest in taking a Scottish cruise, but yet have no idea what exactly a Scotland cruise is. And that is exactly why we are here to make sense of Scotland cruises. Read more [...]