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The SS Sultana Explosion: The Deadliest Ship Disaster in U.S. History

Most people have heard of ship disasters like the sinking of the Titanic and the attack against Lusitania, but there are a number of equally disastrous (and deadly) ship wrecks that seem to have been largely forgotten, or in any case they are not nearly as well known as some shipwrecks for a variety of reasons, some of which are not entirely clear. One such example involves the SS Sultana. The explosion of the Sultana is the deadliest shipwreck in U.S. history. About two thirds of the 2,400 passengers on board died when one of the Sultana's poorly repaired boilers exploded. The explosion occurred on April 27, 1865, and since the Civil War had ended the previous week, many of the passengers on board were Union soldiers fresh out of Confederate prison camps. Below you will find the key information about the Sultana explosion, as well as a brief explanation for why this particular ship disaster failed to gain as much notoriety as other ship disasters of comparable proportions. Read more [...]