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Disney Cruises from Galveston, Texas

The first Disney cruise ship sailed from Galveston, Texas in September of 2012. The last one sails barely over two years later, in January 2014. So, if you have any interest in taking a Disney cruise from Galveston, you better book one in the next few months, or if you arrive at this article after January 2014, you'll have to look for one departing from Florida, which is where all Disney cruises will be departing from shortly. If you happen to fall into the after-January-2014 category but still want to take a Disney cruise from Galveston, sorry to be the bearers of bad news - the advertisers of the impossible, if you will. However, you can read below about the Galveston Disney cruises that once were (and presently are), and you will also discover what has replaced them. You can of course still take a Disney cruise, just not from Galveston. Read more [...]