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Thomson Cruises

Thomson Cruises, habitually misspelled "Thompson Cruises," is a unique enterprise. It is technically a cruise line, but it only owns one of the five ships it sails, and moreover it is owned by a travel agency, Thomson Holidays, which is, incidentally, the largest travel agency in the UK. In contrast, most cruise lines are standalone businesses, or else are owned by a larger conglomerate that operates several cruise lines, like Carnival Corporation or Royal Caribbean Cruises. (In other words, it is unusual for a travel agency to own a cruise line, as these agencies are normally in the business of arranging vacations, not operating them.) Additionally, cruise lines generally own all of the ships they operate. As we said, Thomson Cruises is a unique enterprise. Because it is a somewhat unorthodox operation, we have explained the cruise line, such as it is, in greater detail below, giving you a better idea of what Thomson Cruises is. Read more [...]

The Thomson Cruises Lifeboat Accident in the Canary Islands

Five people died and another three were injured today when a lifeboat fell from the Thomson Majesty, the newest cruise ship in the Thomson Cruises fleet that was docked in La Palma, Canary Islands, which are part of Spain. All of the eight people affected by the lifeboat accident were crew members of Thomson, which is owned by the German company TUI. The lifeboat fell off the vessel during an emergency drill, plummeting nearly 100 feet (30 meters) and then crashing into the water below. Although there were about 2,000 passengers on board the Thomson Majesty, none of them were involved in the emergency drill. Read more [...]

Thomson Cruise Ships

Thomson Holidays offers guaranteed savings on every cruise holiday on the menu. Thomson cruises travel to the eastern and western Caribbean, the western and eastern Mediterranean, the Red Sea, the Canary Islands & Morocco, and Scandinavia and the Baltic. Thomson has five cruise ships in its fleet including: Thomson Spirit, Thomson Celebration, Thomson Destiny, The Calypso, and Island Escape Read more [...]