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Thomson Cruises

Thomson Cruises, habitually misspelled "Thompson Cruises," is a unique enterprise. It is technically a cruise line, but it only owns one of the five ships it sails, and moreover it is owned by a travel agency, Thomson Holidays, which is, incidentally, the largest travel agency in the UK. In contrast, most cruise lines are standalone businesses, or else are owned by a larger conglomerate that operates several cruise lines, like Carnival Corporation or Royal Caribbean Cruises. (In other words, it is unusual for a travel agency to own a cruise line, as these agencies are normally in the business of arranging vacations, not operating them.) Additionally, cruise lines generally own all of the ships they operate. As we said, Thomson Cruises is a unique enterprise. Because it is a somewhat unorthodox operation, we have explained the cruise line, such as it is, in greater detail below, giving you a better idea of what Thomson Cruises is. Read more [...]