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The Titanic Passengers

How many passengers were on the Titanic? Strangely, given the extraordinary level and scope of attention that has been given to the Titanic wreck, it is not known exactly how many people were on board the Titanic ship. But before getting into the specifics, it should be noted that people often wonder about the number of "Titanic passengers," or they ask questions about how many "passengers" died on the Titanic, but for the most part these people are not only referring to the Titanic passengers, but also the crew members of the Titanic as well. This is helpful to keep in mind because technically there is a distinction between the passengers on the Titanic and its crew members, even if in common parlance "Titanic passengers" covers both. Usage notes aside, we have a fairly good idea of how many people were on board the ship (including both the Titanic crew members and passengers), and by extension we also have a more or less accurate view of the number of people who survived the wreck and the number of people who did not. Read more [...]