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The Titanic Replica: Titanic 2

The Titanic is probably the most famous passenger liner in history. What cruise ship has attracted more attention and interest than the Titanic? Books have been written, movies have been produced, and museums have been built to feed our appetite for all things Titanic. And so it was not entirely surprising to learn that there is a Titanic replica - i.e., an actual ship built to sail that also happens to be a replica of the Titanic - in the works. The Titanic replica, which is technically called Titanic II or Titanic 2, is being financed by Clive Palmer, an Australian billionaire. The Titanic replica will actually be a near Titanic replica, as the original ship cannot be exactly reproduced for a number of reasons, not the least of which relate to safety. What will the Titanic replica be like, and how similar will it be to the original Titanic? Read more [...]
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