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Lyubov Orlova

Abandoned Ghost Lyubov Orlova Cruise Ship Filled with Starving, Diseased Cannibal Rats Approaches U.K.

After being adrift at sea for over a year, a cruise ship loaded with diseased and potentially cannibalistic rats is heading toward the U.K. and Irish coastlines. The Lyubov Orlova, a Soviet Union vessel built in 1976 for pleasure cruises, could potentially crash into Scotland, England, or Ireland if the vessel is not intercepted at sea. Although it has yet to be confirmed that the ship is still floating, there are indications that it has not sunken, making the forsaken ship, which may carry plenty of disease thanks to its rodent crew, a live threat. How did a cruise ship filled with rat cannibals end up floating aimlessly across the North Atlantic? Read more [...]