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Viking Cruises Expands to the Great Lakes, Announces New Ships Octantis and Polaris

Viking Cruises is making big moves into a lesser-known market: the Great Lakes. Read more [...]
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Adults Only – Viking Cruises Sets Itself Apart with Clarified Age Limit Booking Policy

One of the reasons that cruising is so popular is flexibility. Passengers get a wide latitude in choosing the type of sailing that works best for them. And in many ways, cruise ship companies have self-selected their travelers, too. For example, Disney naturally has a strong pull on families, with character-oriented activities and themes, while Viking’s clientele typically skews toward older passengers traveling without young kids and seeking new experiences. Read more [...]
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Viking Bragi Review

Viking Bragi is a ship that many cruisers love, so we thought we’d offer a little review of the vessel. She sails from the Rhine to the Danube, providing river cruises with opportunities for passengers to enjoy land tours in many instances. If you’re considering sailing Viking Bragi, or if you’re booking on an upcoming trip on the ship, here are some details you might find interesting.b Read more [...]

Viking Cruise Lines

Viking Cruise Lines or "Viking Line" was established in 1959 when it began sailing the S/S Viking between the Finnish mainland, the Aland Islands, and Sweden. The current Viking Line Abp was established in 1963 under the name Alandsfarjan Ab, and it gained a listing on the Helinski Stock Exchange on July 5, 1995. Read more [...]
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