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Dining Cruises in Washington DC: Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner Cruises

With a few different companies offering them, the dining cruises in Washington DC are numerous. They are available all-year long, and they can be booked for a regular meal or for a special occasion, like a holiday or a private celebration. The most common cruises are lunch and dinner cruises, but brunch cruises are also frequently offered. Specialty cruises or holiday cruises are generally built around one of these meals, and thus there are things like Valentine's Day dinner cruises, but there are also events that don't really fit within the standard dining paradigm. In short, there are a lot of dining cruises in Washington DC, and the offerings are quite diverse, so below we've compiled a guide to help you sort out what is available. Read more [...]
Valentine's Day dinner cruises

Valentine’s Day Cruises in Washington DC

Two companies offer Valentine's Day cruises in Washington DC, and between the two there are seven different cruises over the Valentine's Day weekend, including a brunch cruise, a lunch cruise, and multiple dinner cruises. These cruises are offered by Spirit Cruises and Odyssey, which are both owned by Entertainment Cruises. Below we give all the relevant details, in one compact guide, about every Valentine's Day cruise in Washington DC. Read more [...]
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