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Yoga Cruises

Yoga has become increasingly popular, as have cruise vacations, so it is not entirely surprising that there are now yoga cruises - i.e., cruises that prominently feature yoga as part of the on-board experience. Yoga cruises come in many forms, and the extent to which each of these cruises focuses on yoga varies. Some cruises are entirely about yoga, where the main point of the cruise vacation is to practice or learn about yoga. There are also health cruises that feature yoga, but not exclusively; these cruises are about health in general, and so are not, strictly speaking, yoga cruises, or at least they aren't only yoga cruises. Finally, there are cruises that merely offer the opportunity to do yoga, and of course these aren't only "yoga cruises" either. However, each of these types of cruises allows you to do yoga at sea, so they are worth considering if you are a fan of both yoga and cruises. Read more [...]