Tauck River Cruises

Tauck river cruises are river cruises that are offered by Tauck, a company that operates not only cruises, but also land-based tours. The company is sometimes misspelled as “Tack,” such that people on occasion search for Tack river cruises or Tack tours that don’t exist, as if small pointy nails offered land and sea journeys across the world. Although Tauck offers a staggering variety of different adventure vacations, ranging from Tanzanian safaris to winter treks in Yellowstone, the present article focuses only on Tauck river cruises, of which there are many.

Tauck is a family-owned company based in Norwalk, Conneticit that was founded in 1925. The company has continually added vacations to its portfolio over its long history. At first, the expansion was domestic, with founder Arthur Tauck focusing on the United States, but later, in Aruthur Tauck Jr.’s tenure running the company, Tauck added international vacations. All of Tauck’s river crusies are international, and the vast majority are based in Europe, along some of the continent’s major rivers, like the Rhine and the Danube. However, Tauck does offer one Nile River cruise and two Yangtze River cruises, so Tauck is not solely an operator or European river cruises.

Tauck river cruises last anywhere from eight to 24 days. Not surprisingly, the shorter cruises are more limited in scope. For instance, several of the eight-day cruises focus primarily on Christmas markets (a.k.a. Christkindlmärkte, the street markets organized around Christmas time that originated in Germany and Austria) in only a couple of countries, whereas the 24-day cruises encompass a large part of Europe, passing through nine countries and multiple rivers and seas. Regardless of the length of the cruise, though, Tauck vacations are carefully planned excursions where all the details are handled. If your itinerary calls for a night or two in a city, as many do, Tauck handles your hotel booking. If your vacation includes shore excursions, everything is worked out ahead of time. Moreover, the cruises are all-inclusive, so nearly every expense associated with the vacation is covered. Basically, once you book the cruise, your work is done Рthe rest is handled by Tauck.

If you are interested in river cruises, particularly river cruises in Europe, Tauck is an excellent company to consider. The company is highly regarded, and its river cruises in particular have won acclaim. (For instance, Travel+Leisure ranked Tauck the best provider of river cruises in the world in 2011, and it consistently ranks among the top providers of river cruises.) Be that as it may, all Tauck river cruises cost thousands of dollars, so they aren’t exactly cheap (at least relative to the prices you can sometimes find for cruise vacations on deal aggregation sites), but for all the reasons stated above, many travelers consider the vacations well worth the price. For more information, check out our article on what Tauck river cruises are available for purchase.

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