The Benefits of Cruise Ship Jobs

Working on a cruise ship has many benefits. Regardless of what cruise ship job you hold, it will have certain advantages that are absent from most other forms of employment. Some of these cruise ship job benefits are obvious, as they are implied by the very nature of cruising. Other benefits are not quite as apparent, but they remain excellent reasons to consider employment through a cruise line nonetheless. In this article, we’ll begin by listing the major benefits that one might expect from a cruise ship job, and then move on to the advantages of this form of employment that are often overlooked.

The first major benefit of working on a cruise ship is that it allows you to travel the world without spending any of your money. Your place of employment is constantly sailing from port to port, allowing employees to experience all sorts of foreign lands as they work. Moreover, cruises cover a lot of area quickly, so in a week’s time you might be able to set foot in multiple foreign countries. Even the most frantic traveler will have trouble matching this rate of exploration. A typical contract for a cruise job might require about four to six months of service, and during this time you could see more than a lot of people see in their lifetimes. To be sure, you’ll be working as you move from one area of the globe to another, but you should at least have a little bit of free time to appreciate the far-flung places to which your cruise line has taken you.

As we mentioned above, you’ll get to travel without spending any money, and this hints at another major benefit to working on a cruise: you basically don’t need to spend any of your earnings during your contracted period of employment. Room and board are provided to employees, and you’ll spend so much time working while on board that you won’t have much time to spend your salary. You also won’t have to pay for medical expenses, as cruise lines are required to provide their employees with health insurance. So, when you finish your contract, you should have plenty of money saved. Essentially, in working on a cruise ship, you’ll in a very real sense get paid to see the world.

A lot of people don’t realize just how multicultural the staffs of cruise lines are. Employees are hired from a broad range of cultures and countries, so you’re guaranteed to meet people of many different backgrounds if you work on a cruise line, and this strikes us as a great benefit. You can never fully appreciate your own culture and heritage without contrasting it against the cultures and heritages of others, and nor will you ever appreciate the diversity of the human species without meeting people very unlike yourself. People travel to great lengths and pay huge amounts of money to have these culturally enriching experiences, but if you work on a cruise ship, you’ll be to achieve this in the course of your work. You might even learn helpful skills for future employment, like the ability to communicate in another language, by working for a cruise ship.

Finally, there are a number of added bonuses to working on cruise ships that aren’t covered by the main categories listed above. For example, you could get your family and friends cruise vacations for reduced prices, and you might also get plenty of discounts for yourself, like at the stores on a cruise ship.

While the work can be challenging, there are tons of benefits to working on a cruise ship. You get to earn money while traveling the world and experiencing different cultures, and this will no doubt seem ideal to a lot of people.

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