The Best Cruise Destinations for Surfers

Cruises are a great way to access some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Many of these beaches are perfect for surfers! While most cruise travelers are just there for some relaxation in the sun, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to hop on a surfboard and catch some waves. Many cruise lines travel to beaches that are absolutely perfect for surfing. Surfers should choose their destinations wisely, though, as not every itinerary heads to areas known for impressive swell.

One of the first places that surfers should have on their cruise bucket list is Bali. The port of Benoa in particular allows travelers access to several beaches that are known around the world for great waves. Uluwatu is very close to Benoa, and it’s a great spot for any novices that want to hone their skills… or anyone looking to learn to surf for the first time. For those that are more experienced, Blue Point Beach will be a much better choice. Although it’s a short drive from Benoa, it’s quite worth it. The waves are bigger and more interesting than what you will find at Uluwatu, and it’s just as gorgeous as you might be imagining.

If you want something even bigger, you might want to look at cruises to Fiji. The island nation is known for its stunning beaches, and many of them have reefs nearby. Surfers should know that this means regular and large waves. If you are able to get there, you should aim for Tavarua Island. It’s close to the main island and has a few incredible waves to catch. The spot that you need to hit is Cloudbreak, which is known for waves as big as 20 feet. You can adventure on the big stuff or just enjoy the more mild waves that are always there.

Of course, we can’t talk about great surfing destinations without mentioning Hawaii. It’s one of the most classic cruise locations in the world, and it has endless beaches that are perfect for surfers. Poipu Beach on Kauai should be on everyone’s list. Not only is it a great spot to relax, but it offers a surf experience that is fun for all skill levels. A booming surf culture makes renting gear or learning the tricks of the trade very easy. And no matter how the surfing goes, you’re still in Hawaii once the day is done.

There are countless cruise destinations that are great for surfers. The next time that you book a cruise, look at what beaches you might be visiting. You may just happen to encounter some great waves!

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