The Best Cruise Destinations for Viewing Wildlife

Viewing wildlife is one of the many reasons to go on a cruise. But what are the best destinations? If you’ve been on a trip to the Bahamas before, you probably already know that you may need to go a bit off the beaten path to have the best chances to see wildlife. If you’re someone interested in taking a look at nature in its purest form, here are the best destinations for you. You’re bound to get a look at some amazing animals on a cruise to any of these spots.


There are few better places on Earth for nature lovers than Alaska. Let’s put aside the sweeping glaciers, towering mountains, and never-ending ocean views for a moment here and just focus on animals. There are many animals that you can see on an Alaskan cruise that you will see on hardly any other. We’re talking about massive bears and moose, graceful birds, and (of course) whales. Alaska is a whale watcher’s paradise, and you can spot several different species from the security of your ship. The great thing about Alaskan cruises is that they are generally pretty affordable as well. We can almost guarantee that Alaska won’t disappoint you.

The Galapagos

The Galapagos have been used as a place for studying wildlife in pristine, natural habitats since the time of Darwin. The area is highly protected today, and that means that you’ll be able to glimpse animals simply enjoying the untouched environment they have always lived in. The Galapagos may not be as tourist-friendly as, say, the Caribbean, but that’s sorta the point. Here, you can see an abundance of different bird species, turtles, sharks, and more. There’s also the chance to spy the Galapagos penguin, an animal that every nature lover will appreciate.


Africa is a big continent, and there are lots of places to visit while on a cruise. Most ships focus on South Africa and nearby countries, and those are prime spots to see some of the most amazing animals on this planet. It should come as no surprise that Africa is a great place to go on safari, and a cruise can get you there in comfort. You’ll be able to see animals that you had only previously seen in zoos. Elephants, tigers, rhinos, lions, and more all await you on an African cruise. Oh my!

Many people go on cruises to relax, but you can also use cruises to see wonderful corners of our world that are filled with exotic animals. If you’re interested, take a cruise to any of these locations!

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