The Best Cruise Lines for Singles

Cruises aren’t often thought of as being appropriate for people not in relationships. That couldn’t be further from the truth! While many cruise lines do go out of their way to cater to couples, the cruise experience is just as fun if you’re by yourself. In general, you can have a great time as a single person on almost every ship out there. If you are looking for a cruise line that is more focused on providing a great experience for bachelors and bachelorettes, take a look at these three.

Norwegian Cruise Line

One of the biggest annoyances that solo travelers have to deal with when booking a cruise is the lack of single cabins. Many cruise lines tend to offer a large amount of cabins that are meant to be shared, and they put little effort into making sure that there are rooms for the single folk among us. Norwegian, however, has many studio cabins on their new ships. This allows solo travelers to save money and feel comfortable with lodging that is made for them. Norwegian also has lounges that help singles meet up with other people without feeling like they are third-wheeling all of the couples around them.

Holland America Line

Holland America definitely offers a comfortable experience for single travelers. This cruise line does plenty of unique things to make singles feel right at home, including fixing them up with roommates for the duration of the stay and offering events where those not in couples can get to know each other. The vibe is very inclusive on Holland America ships, and it never feels like the entertainment is pandering to the lovebirds in the crowd. It should be noted, though, that Holland America is often enjoyed by solo travelers over 40, so younger singles may want to look elsewhere.


Seabourn may not be as big as some of the other cruise lines out there, but they make up for that with a great attention to detail and a penchant for sleek and fashionable experiences. Seabourn Odyssey in particular is known to be an excellent ship for young single people, but any of their ships will do nicely. There are plenty of cool restaurants and spas to check out, and the nightly dance parties are a great space for single travelers to just be themselves and meet new people.

Cruises aren’t just for couples. If you’re a solo traveler who wants to hit the seven seas without a partner, any of these three cruise lines will be a great fit.

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