The Best Ships from Carnival Cruise Line

What is the best ship in Carnival Cruise Line’s fleet? That’s a tough question. It’s one of the most popular cruise lines in the world, and there is naturally going to be some disagreement among travelers. Carnival has a fleet of 23 total ships, and everyone is bound to have their favorite. Still, a few ships stand out among the rest of the fleet. Let’s take a look at three ships that are often considered the best out of Carnival’s fleet.

Carnival Horizon

The best ship for you will ultimately depend on what you’re looking for out of your vacation. But if you just want to pick a ship that is known for being good at everything, Carnival Horizon might be for you. Regularly topping lists ranking Carnival’s ships, this newer ship is in Carnival’s Vista class (their largest class currently). The ship can hold about 5000 guests and 1450 crew members. This ship is so well-loved because it offers a huge number of activities while still running very affordable itineraries. There are water parks and high-adrenaline activities for the kids and spas for the adults. No matter what you’re looking for, you won’t regret booking a cruise on Horizon.

Carnival Pride

Another popular ship among the fleet, Carnival Pride is renowned for its cuisine. It is rated as having the best food out of all of Carnival’s ships. It boasts great, fresh food at both its main dining area and its alternative restaurants, giving you plenty of options when meal time comes around. There’s even a burger restaurant onboard from Guy Fieri himself. Aside from the food, another thing that you should know about Pride is that it is one of Carnival’s older ships. It was built in 2002. That also means that it’s relatively small, with a capacity of about 2000 guests. It was refurbished in 2019, however, so you can expect modern amenities.

Carnival Glory

Another older ship that has gotten a recent upgrade, Carnival Glory is the quintessential Carnival experience in a smaller package. If you want family fun without constantly being crowded by other travelers, this is as good as it gets. There’s plenty for everyone onboard to do; an acclaimed theater, a waterpark, spas, bars, and more will keep you entertained. Glory is also noted as being one of the Carnival ships with the best service, something which is always appreciated on a cruise.

Carnival has an excellent track record, and you really can’t go wrong with any of their ships. But if you want a place to start, definitely check out these three ships!

The Best Ships from Carnival Cruise Line
Article Name
The Best Ships from Carnival Cruise Line
Let's take a look at three ships that are often considered the best out of Carnival's fleet.

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