The Best West Coast Departure Cruise Options

Just because you live on the west coast does not mean that you need to devote an entire day of travel to get a great cruise. The west coast offers many departures for cruises from as short as just one night to longer vacations that span more than 15 nights. And with the time that you save getting to the east coast, you might even be able to book a longer cruise.

One Night Wonders
Holland America and Princess both offer very affordable one-night cruises which depart from Seattle and sail up the Pacific Coast to dock in Vancouver the following day. And the best part of this excursion is that the prices start at under $100 per person. For less than the cost of a cheap hotel room, you are getting to experience a night on a magnificent ship, fabulous dining and entertainment, and world-class cuisine. If you have never been on a cruise ship and would like to take a test drive, so to speak, this is the perfect cruise for you.

Two Night Treks
For a fun family weekend, Disney Cruise Line is offering a two-night adventure that the entire family will enjoy. The ship sails from San Diego to Ensenada the first day and then returns to San Diego the following day. This is a great way to see the Baja coast and to test out the waters for cruising with your kids. And even on these short trips, all of the fun and excitement that you would expect from Disney is available including water slides, swimming pools, Disney characters and entertainment for kids of all ages. And when parents are ready to relax, there are designated adult areas to unwind and enjoy some peace and quiet.

A Week of Fun Afloat
If you are looking for a longer cruise, the west coast has plenty to choose from. Carnival offers a three day Baja cruise departing from Los Angeles, and Holland America has a three-day trip departing from San Francisco. Both offer great views of the western coastline, world-class meals and more activities that you can squeeze into a long weekend. Four and five-night cruises depart from San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles and are offered by Princess, Holland America, and Disney. All you need to do is pick a city and select the cruise line which most appeals to your travel companions.

The east coast is famous for the Bahamas and the Caribbean but those are not the only top cruise destinations around North America. Check out the departures and the variety of ships departing from the west coast to save yourself a day of flying and a lot of money. You might just find that Baja or the Pacific Northwest is your vacation oasis.

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