The Cheapest Cruise Prices

In a previous article, we explained how to find a cheap cruise by detailing some general strategies to land cruise deals or find cruises that are in one way or another discounted. We covered such topics as last-minute cruise deals and off-season cruises, both of which must always be kept in mind if you are trying to find the cheapest cruises. At bottom, our advice boiled down to this: the best way to find cheap cruises is to pay special attention to when you book your cruise. When you book your cruise is the single biggest determinate to how cheap your cruise will be.

But when outlining how to find cheap cruises, an interesting question came to mind: what is the cheapest cruise you can possibly take? If you are completely indifferent to the destination, duration, and accommodations of your cruise, and you don’t care which cruise line you travel with, what is the cheapest cruise price you can find? Granted, this question has limited application, as most people care a great deal about the specifics of their cruise, with many people minutely planning every last detail of their trip, down to which restaurants they will visit on any given night of the cruise. However, some people just want to take a cruise, and if they are frugally minded, they might be interested in the cheapest cruise available.

To find the cheapest cruise, it is best to use sites that aggregate information from the many websites of the different cruise lines. Technically, you could probably find the cheapest cruise if you were to visit each cruise line website individually, but this would be a monumentally tedious task that would take hours to complete. You would also have to check each of these sites frequently because the prices of a cruise vary as its departure date approaches. Popular aggregation websites for cruises include and, but these are merely two of many different websites that track discounted cruises.

That said, we were able to find some staggeringly low cruise prices just by quickly looking through some of these aggregation sites. For example, we were able to find a four-day trip to the Bahamas for a mere $169 dollars using (this particular cruise is listed on too). This was a last-minute cruise deal (there are only a few more days left to book this Bahamian cruise), as all the cheapest cruises will be, and the available room is of course the most ascetic available, offering no ocean views or other amenities. But hey, a four-day cruise to the Bahamas for $169 is pretty good, regardless of your room on-board.

If you are traveling with a group (or even, hey, your family) it might be possible to find an even cheaper cruise, in terms of per-person rate. You might also be able to get a further discount if you’re a senior. Regardless of whether you are a senior citizen with a family or not, however, you can find some extremely cheap cruises.

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