The Coolest Water Slides on Cruise Ships!

For some travelers (namely the younger generation), a water park can make or break a cruising experience. The sublime ocean views, the elegant cuisine, the chance to experience foreign cultures…we might find all of this exciting, but the children we drag along with us may be far more excited by a fast water slide. Of course, it’s not just for the tots. Sometimes we adults need to show that we still know how to have some fun by dropping in at the cruise ship’s water slide. No matter what demographic you fall into, you’re bound to be impressed by these amazing slides that exist on cruises.


For a cruise line as associated with fun and whimsy as Disney, the bar is set pretty high for exciting experiences. With that said, their water park AquaDuck more than carries its own. It’s available on both the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy, and it’s pretty impressive. The best part of the park is what is known as the Revolution, which is a mind-boggling concoction that blurs the lines between rollercoaster and waterslide. Here’s a highlight reel: it’s 765 feet long, features a 4-deck drop, goes off the side of the ship at one point (wow!), and even features sections that go uphill via powerful jets. Of course, you’re only going up so you can go down that much faster. At night, it’s a completely different experience, with colored lights across the slide and views of the nighttime sky. And that’s only one part of the park!

Ocean Loops

Speaking of water slides that go off the side of the ship … yeah, Norwegian has caught onto that trend too. Their take on it is the Ocean Loops, which goes 11 feet off of the ship and leaves the adventurous slide-goers with 160 feet of air between them and the ocean down below. Pictures hardly do it justice. Much like the AquaDuck, sections are left transparent to help riders know just exactly what they’ve gotten themselves into.

Forest Aquaventure Park

While not technically just one water slide, this water park courtesy of MSC Cruises gets a spot on the list due to the sheer amount of different experiences you can have there. There are five total water slides, including one that is over 350 feet long that has music playing inside of it for your entertainment. You know, in case flying through a water slide isn’t fun enough for you. The whole thing takes up multiple stories on the MSC Seaside and the MSC Seaview.

We don’t know about you, but looking at these slides has made us really, really want to head to a water park right now. If you’re in an area where it is definitively still winter right now, a cruise is a great way to scratch that itch. Sail somewhere hot and cool off in a giant, terrifying water slide! Life’s too short not to, right?

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