The Cruise Line MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises is a cruise line that is owned by the Mediterranean Shipping Company, an enormous shipping line (the world’s largest, in fact, in terms of container vessel capacity) based in Geneva. The current fleet of MSC Cruises is composed of 12 ships, a small percentage of the 463 vessels operated by the Mediterranean Shipping Company. MSC Cruises has a six percent share of the cruise industry, making it the fourth largest cruise line in the world. Below you will find some basic information about MSC Cruises.

MSC Cruises was originally named Lauro Lines. Lauro Lines entered the cruising industry in the 1960s, operating only two ships at the time, the Angelina Lauro and the Achille Lauro. The former caught on fire in the port of St. Thomas, one of the United States Virgin Islands, burning the ship and rendering it inoperable (to say the least). The Achille Lauro was also plagued by trouble. First, in 1985, the ship was captured by the Palestine Liberation Front, who killed wheelchair-bound passenger Leon Klinghoffer, and threw his body overboard, and then in 1994, it too caught on fire and sank. When the company was first purchased by the Mediterranean Shipping Company in 1989, it was named StarLauro Cruises. However, in 1995, the cruise line was renamed MSC Cruises.

Like other major cruise lines, MSC Cruises offers voyages to various destinations across the world, including the major ones, like Europe and the Caribbean, but also less common ones, like South Africa. MSC offers cruises of various lengths, but the duration of your cruise will primarily depend on your port of departure and your port of debarkation. There are several two- and three-night cruises cruises, tons of cruises that are a week long (this appears to be one of the most common lengths for an MSC Cruise), and a number of longer cruises, some stretching to over two weeks in length.

The on-board experience of an MSC Cruise is much like you would expect from a major player in the cruise industry. They offer a variety of places to dine and drink on board, and there are plenty of places to relax and rest (like the spa) on board the MSC ships. The cruise line embraces “Mediterranean hospitality,” in their phrasing, and you will notice that the amenities are tailored accordingly. For instance, you won’t find a shortage of cappuccino or gelato on an MSC Cruise, nor will you struggle to find Italian cuisine and fine wines.

If you are interested in taking a MSC Cruise, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding one that meets your needs. There are tons offered every year, and they go to most areas of the globe. With long and short vacation packages, you will likely find one that meets your scheduling requirements as well. To find out more information, you should visit the official MSC Cruises website. If you are hunting for a good deal on an MSC Cruise, you might consider checking out one of the many sites online that offer cruise deals.

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