The Cruise Lines Every Foodie Should Check Out

It’s a fact that many cruise ships have excellent dining options. But what are the best cruise lines for people interested in sampling delicious cuisine? There will usually be some nice food available on pretty much every ship, but there are certainly some cruise lines that stand above the rest. If you’re interested in booking a cruise that will satisfy your inner foodie, check out these companies.

Holland America

We’ll start our selection of foodie-friendly cruise lines off with an affordable one. Holland America is celebrated as a great all-around company, but they definitely pay very close attention to the food that is served on their ships. Their restaurants are of a higher quality than is typically expected on similarly-priced cruise lines, and they also go above and beyond to highlight food as a medium. Cooking classes, presentations from chefs, and themed cruises are all a part of the culinary focus on Holland America ships. If you’re mainly just interested in eating some good food, though, we would recommend checking out the Pinnacle Grill as quickly as possible. Guests regularly refer to it as the best Holland America restaurant.

Crystal Cruises

Quality is the name of the game at Crystal, and their food is not an exception to that rule. Foodies should be excited about Crystal because of the various partnerships the cruise line has developed with world-renowned chefs. The famous Nobu Matsuhisa collaborated with them to create amazing sushi spots on several of their ships. A Crystal cruise isn’t complete without trying that out. This cruise line has also put a lot of effort into making sure that they have great beverage options as well. If you’re someone who loves to pair great food with great drinks, you’re in luck here.


Both the ocean and river divisions of Viking’s brand offer delectable food. The ethos behind Viking is to offer guests the chance to really feel immersed into their destinations, and their food helps with that. The many options on their ocean cruises try to source fresh, local food when possible. There aren’t as many restaurants on their river cruises, but what is there is very high quality. The Aquavit Terrace has tasty food with beautiful seating. Viking excels at seafood, but you can expect to enjoy pretty much anything that you order.

Everyone is bound to have their own favorite cruise cuisine, but these are some of our choices for the foodies. What do you think are the cruise lines with the most delicious food?

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