The Most Beautiful Cruise Ships in the World

Selecting the most beautiful cruise ships in the world is an almost impossible task. You know what they say: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But still, there are some ships out there that just clearly stand out among the rest. Even if you don’t care much for the aesthetic value of the vessels that you take a vacation on, you are bound to be impressed by some of these. Let’s take a look at just a few of the best looking ships in the world.

MS Nordstjernen

MS Nordstjernen isn’t going to be a ship that appeals to everyone, and that’s kinda the point. As a Hurtigruten ship, it’s already one that will only attract a narrow range of travelers that are looking for an elegant expedition experience. And even then, MS Nordstjernen won’t appeal to everyone within that category. It is the ship with the longest history of sailing at Hurtigruten, dating back to the 50s. That beautiful, vintage look that the ship has is legit. Taking a cruise on it feels like viewing the world through a historical lens, and it has been perfectly preserved throughout the decades. It may not immediately wow some people, but anyone looking for a classic ship will immediately be drawn to this one.

Scenic Eclipse

Scenic Eclipse is one ship that demonstrates the fact that a ship’s beauty is equally define by its interior and it is by its exterior. Anyone that sees this ship from the dock will immediately be struck by its grace. Waves of sleek white seem to emulate the tide of the ocean, and the bare-bones deck style lends it a simple stylishness that connoisseurs will really appreciate. But you need to see inside the ship to truly appreciate it. The rooms feature modern decorations and lighting, and they make a great use of space. This is one ship that all luxury cruisers should have on their list.

Sea Cloud

We couldn’t get through this list without a nod to the oldest ship that is currently operating cruises. Sea Cloud was launched all the way back in 1931 and it is still kicking. It’s had a rich history, something that you can feel as soon as you step on board. As the wind pushes the massive sails of this ship, you will feel transported to another time. It’s a simple, retro ship, one that really seems to define refinement on the ocean. The all-white color scheme is as eye-catching at the docks as it is on sea. It really does give the impression of a cloud floating across the sea.

Even if you never see these ships in person, let them serve as inspiration to you. The world of cruises is one of true beauty, and it’s one that we can all experience!

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