The Most Expensive Cruise Lines

What are the most expensive cruise lines? And how much do they cost? For most of us, that’s just a question that we ask out of pure curiosity. It’s fun to wonder about the craziest and most luxurious options in the industry. But for some travelers, these cruise lines are a way of life. If you’re able to afford a trip with any of these companies, you can trust that it’s worth it. And if you’re someone more interested in finding deals, feel free to read our article on the most affordable cruise lines instead. But you’re also welcome to marvel alongside us at these truly next level cruise lines!

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Regent markets itself as the most luxurious cruise line currently in the market, and there’s a good chance that they aren’t exaggerating. They are known for ships that are both opulent and ridiculously comfortable. Their prices also reflect this level of excellence. The most expensive itinerary currently on their website begins (yes, begins) at $70,999. To be fair, that’s a cruise that lasts more than 100 nights, but there are plenty of other 5-figure itineraries that are much shorter. The absolute cheapest trip they offer is a 7 night Miami to Miami cruise, and it begins at $3500.

Crystal Cruises

Another luxury brand, Crystal is generally considered one of the finest cruise lines out there. If you just want to book a regular trip in a standard cabin, their prices won’t make your jaw drop. Their cheapest option is a 4-night cruise from Miami beginning at $1199. Compared to Regent, that’s a steal. But things get more expensive when the trips get longer and more exotic. Their longest and most expensive cruises are pretty much the same as Regent’s. We’d love to hop on one of their world cruises, for instance, but we don’t have $69,489 to spare. Anyone wanna give us a loan?

Lindblad Expeditions

There are two types of cruise lines that are more expensive than average: luxury lines and expedition lines. Expedition lines offer experiences that you simply cannot have on a regular Royal Caribbean ship, but you need to be willing to shell out a bit of extra money to get there. Lindblad is known for being partnered with National Geographic, and that means they’re the real deal. But that reputation comes with a cost: their itineraries that last three weeks or more are regularly five figures. A 35-day cruise to Antarctica with them begins at $52,990. But still… talk about a life changing experience.

Man, that really puts cruise prices in perspective, doesn’t it? It’s also a reminder that the price isn’t really what makes the cruise. Sure, luxury is nice, but it isn’t the wisest choice for everyone.

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