The Pros and Cons of Booking a Cruise During the Pandemic

For some people, booking a cruise is probably the last thing that comes to mind right now. After all, there’s a lot to worry about in the present! Still, though, we don’t blame you if you’re engaging in a little quarantine escapism by dreaming of a perfect vacation on the seven seas. Because, you know, we are too. As much as we loved the look of our living room for the first however many weeks of self-isolation, it’s getting just a little old now. So, should we let our excitement get to us by booking a cruise now which we can cash in on later? Well, let’s look at this logically.

PRO: Booking guarantees and flexible booking

Cruise lines are a lot like us in one particular way: they are extremely, acutely aware of the global pandemic going on right now. And they know that people are a bit wary to book right now. This means that they’re going out of their way to offer certain benefits to make a cruise sound like a better option. This includes booking guarantees that allow you to pull out and get a refund for a much longer period than normal. Many cruise line are also offering flexible booking programs. For instance, Silversea’s version of this reduces the required deposit and gives a hefty onboard spending bonus for those that book before June 30th. So, there’s plenty of worthy programs to take advantage of right now!

CON: You never know….

The coronavirus situation is pretty unstable. Obviously. While we’re all assuming that things will be mostly back to normal within a certain time frame, there’s no real way to know. Booking as far away as winter of this year might strike you as a safe thing to do now, for all we know cruises could still be cancelled then, or a second wave could hit and stop the industry dead in its tracks once again. So, no matter what you’re going to be dealing with some level of uncertainty when booking for a while. Educated guesses are the best we have right now, and that may not be enough for some shoppers.

CON: Options are limited

All itineraries into the near future are cancelled right now. That’s a given. But some in the further-off future are cancelled as well. For instance, some Canadian and Alaskan sailings have been shut down for the rest of 2020. This means that, sadly, your options are a bit limited. If you’re the type of person that doesn’t plan ahead too far (as in, you generally don’t plan a vacation a full year ahead of time), you may want to wait a while so that you can have a year that doesn’t feature whole itineraries that are shut down.

PRO: You’re supporting an industry you love

Look, we’ll be honest: it’s a rough time for the cruise industry right now. Ignoring the aforementioned cons, you may want to book now just to have the knowledge that you’re helping out an industry that provides a myriad of people with affordable and unique vacations. If a cruise line goes under, it may not be so easy for a regular civilian to head, for example, to the North Pole for a trip. The cruise industry also employs lots of people, including those in regions whose economies largely rely on tourism. So, booking a cruise now is a good deed for all those people with connections to the industry, and that’s in addition to scoring you an excellent vacation down the road.

That’s our take on the issue. We’ve tried to be fair and balanced, and we hope it has perhaps shed some light on whether or not you should book right now. No matter what decision you make, just remember to be wise with your cash; it’s a topsy-turvy world out there currently!

The Pros and Cons of Booking a Cruise During the Pandemic
Article Name
The Pros and Cons of Booking a Cruise During the Pandemic
Should we let our excitement get to us by booking a cruise now which we can cash in on later?

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