These Are the Most Popular Cruise Destinations in the World

As cruising becomes more well-known worldwide, the most popular cruise destinations are only getting more in demand. This brings up a natural question: what are the most popular destinations, anyway? Some travelers might want to know the answer to this so that they can join the crowds and bask in a feeling of mutual appreciation for the beauty of cruising. Others might need to know what the most popular destinations are so they can avoid them on their quest for solitude. No matter which category you fall into, this quick breakdown of cruise locations should help out.

The number one spot might be a bit of a surprise. No, it isn’t a port in the Caribbean: it’s Avignon, France. Although it isn’t a coastal city, it’s located directly on the bank of the river Rhone. The fact that Avignon is number one is certainly a reflection of the city’s excellent amenities for tourists, but it also demonstrates just how popular European river cruises are. While cities like Paris and Nice are certainly more recognized outside of the cruise community, Avignon reigns supreme above the rest of France thanks to its convenient location.

After Avignon is the second most popular cruise destination, Bora Bora. More of a traditional spot for a cruise vacation, Bora Bora is an island in French Polynesia known for its stunningly beautiful beaches. Despite the reefs that surround most of the island, cruise ships can still easily dock at the island, allowing tourists from around the world to explore. The weather is pretty much always warm, making it ideal for beach-goers, but there tends to be a large amount of rain. But hey, if you’re already swimming in the ocean, who cares about a little precipitation? There are a number of resorts dotting the island’s coast, so you can stay in this tropical location in complete luxury.

Okay, Bora Bora sounds about right. But number three has to be in the Caribbean… it just has to be! Well, that is surprisingly not true. The third most popular cruise destination is Glacier Bay in Alaska. Known for amazing wildlife, stunning mountains, and (you guessed it!) glaciers, it’s the ideal location for tourists with a thirst for adventure. Although the Alaskan cruise tourism industry took a hit thanks to COVID, they are now back in business. If you want to learn more about Alaskan cruises, check out this article.

Were you surprised by these three destinations? We know that we were. If you’re looking for a more intimate experience on your cruise, might we suggest an adventure cruise?

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