Things to See and Do When You Are Leaving on a Cruise from the Port City of Baltimore

Baltimore is generally not regarded as a cruise departure point, but it does have a major port from which two cruise ships sail year round: the Carnival Pride and the Grandeur of the Seas, part of the Carnival fleet and the Royal Caribbean fleet, respectively. In case you find yourself traveling to the port of Baltimore for a cruise, we have listed a few things you can see and do during your stay in the city. We have also supplied some information about the cruises that depart from this port, as the sights and attractions of Baltimore might be the very things that draw you to depart from there.

We should begin by pointing out the obvious fact that Baltimore is a major U.S. city. So, as is the case with most large cities, you can probably find something that interests you. If nothing we mention strikes you as particularly captivating, don’t let this fact alone deter you from taking a cruise out of Baltimore. Also, it is worth mentioning that Baltimore is near Washington, D.C., which is of interest to virtually anyone with even a minimal interest in American government, history, or culture. If Baltimore is really of no interest, you could plan a short trip to Washington D.C. before your cruise, and then simply pass through Baltimore on your way to and from your cruise. It’s an easy city to get to from D.C.

That said, what does Baltimore have to offer? Since we are concerned with cruises out of the city, we focused on sights around the port, where fortunately a lot of interesting things are concentrated. Essentially in the center of the port is the National Aquarium, and right along its western edge is the Maryland Science Center, the American Visionary Art Museum, and Baltimore Museum of Industry. There is also a visitors center in this area, which you can stop by if you need any directions or advice about what else to see. Right outside the immediate vicinity of the port is the Walters Art Museum, a very highly regarded institution with art from all over the world. The Oriole Park at Camden Yards is just as close to the port, and many regard the stadium, one of the MLB’s newest, as a highlight of the city. If you go during the baseball season, you might be able to catch an Orioles game, but even if you aren’t around on game day, tours of the stadium are available. The Sports Legends Museum at Camden Yards is also right by the stadium. If you plan to be fairly aggressive in your sightseeing by visiting a few of the places just listed and several others besides, you should consider getting the Baltimore Harbor Pass, which offers various discounts and free entry to a few attractions.

If this brief overview has convinced you that Baltimore is a city worth seeing, then you might book a cruise from Baltimore for this reason alone. (A related principle was at work when Disney offered cruises from Galveston, Texas. It’s a nice city to visit, so a cruise that leaves from here is all the more enticing.) Your two ship options, as stated above, are the Carnival Pride and the Grandeur of the Seas. Both ships are of a similar size and are relatively large (both can hold well over 2,000 passengers), meaning they’ll offer approximately similar amenities (lots of restaurants and bars, a large casino, etc.). So, you’ll likely choose the ship based on which cruise line you prefer, Carnival or Royal Caribbean, and the destination to where you want to sail. Both visit the Caribbean and the Bahamas, but the Grandeur of the Seas also cruises to Bermuda, and for a couple months out of the year, it offers cruises to New England and Canada.

Of course, we’ve only scratched the surface of things you can do and see in Baltimore, but hopefully you have a better idea now of what the city has to offer. You can capitalize on this information if you are already leaving from Baltimore. Or, if the city sounds interesting to you, you might now be inclined to book a cruise from Baltimore, and if so, you have some information about the kinds of cruises from which you can choose.

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