Thinking About Taking a Mayan Cruise? Learn More About Your Options

Thinking about taking a Western Caribbean cruise to view Mayan wonders? You’ve got plenty of options. But, we want to tell you about 3 of the biggest ones. We’ve put together a guide to the top major cruise lines offering Mayan adventures to lands legends are made of. What will these ships show you? A glimpse into Mayan culture through guide tours, jungle rides, small-boat sails to remote beaches, and more.

The Mayan civilization can be traced back as far as 2600 B.C. It’s known for developing a written language, a complex system of calendars, and many other treasures. On a Mayan cruise with the 3 cruise lines we’ll tell you about, you can learn of the intricacies and interesting facts about the ways of the Maya. You’ll be able to set sail to destinations on the Yucatán Peninsula where Mayan archeological gems, preserved temples, pyramids, and plazas tell stories that rival the tales of Rome, Athens, and Egypt.

Want to hear more? Let’s look at the Mayan journeys you can go on with 3 major cruise lines, Princess, Royal Caribbean, and Carnival.

Princess Cruises

A Mayan adventure aboard a Princess Cruises ship will take you to places that scientists and historians debate about, even to this day. It’s not clear whether the decline of the Mayan civilization was due to long-term drought, stretched resources, or internal strife within the Mayan population. But, what is clear is that the Mayan ways and culture are mysterious and intriguing enough for millions to explore each year.

You can be one of the people who tries to uncover the details of the past on a Princess Cruises cruise to the Yucatán Peninsula. You’ll visit Belize City, Belize and the 2,000-year-old city of Altun Ha, which features incredible structures including the 60-foot Temple of the Sun God. On the Island of Cozumel, in Mexico, you’ll adventure through the walled city of Tulum and view castle ruins that overlook the sea. Costa Maya is where you’ll see remains of the once great Mayan cities of Kohunlich, Dzibanché, and Chacchoben.

On a Princess Cruises cruise to the lands of Maya, you’ll enjoy finding out about Mayan life while voyaging on a luxury cruise liner equipped with all the luxuries of contemporary living.

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean cruises to Mayan worlds also take you to the Mayan City of Chacchoben. This city has been largely unexplored, until 1999. The site dates back to 360 A.D. when it played a crucial role in the distribution of jade, wood, exotic birds, and other precious items. You can better imagine this way of life when you cruise with Royal Caribbean and set foot on the exact places where Mayan people live.

You’ll also get to explore a more modern-day Mayan experience with Royal Caribbean. This cruise line’s Mayan cruises take you to Mayan Pavilion Park, on Costa Maya. This bustling locale has nearly everything a tourist could want: handcrafted Mayan trinkets to buy and other great shopping, fantastic authentic restaurants, swim-up bars, Mayan art and architecture, water sport opportunities, saltwater pools, and even a 650-seat amphitheater.

On your Royal Caribbean cruise to Mayan lands, you’ll be able to soak up the Mayan sun on pristine beaches, take ATV rides through lush greenery, and so much more.

Carnival Cruise Line

When you sail to Mayan destinations with Carnival Cruise Line, you’ll have the chance to discover the ancient Mayan city of Tulum, which rises high above the crystal blue Caribbean Sea. You’ll start off by taking a ferryboat ride to Playa del Carmel, and then you’ll board an air-conditioned bus for your narrated 1-hour trip to Tulum. When you arrive at the ruins, you’ll have a guide who will escort you on a 45-minute narrated tour of the walled Mayan city.

Your Carnival cruise will give you the opportunity to see the Temple of the Frescos, which is known for its detailed carved frescos and figures. It will allow you to spend time in Playa del Carmen, so you can enjoy Fifth Avenue’s great eateries and exciting shopping.

Each Mayan adventure with Carnival Cruise Line is unique, and some cruises don’t include a mainland shore excursion. So make sure you choose the cruise that will give you the encounter with the Mayan world that you want.

As you decide which cruise to Mayan lands is best for how you want to take in the experience, keep in mind that all visits to Mayan sites should be considered sacred. As you explore the ruins, temples, and artifacts, soak it all up with reverence for the local people, their customs, and their guidelines. All of the cruise lines we’ve mentioned will be able to help you decide what gear is appropriate to take to certain locations and what conduct is expected. Follow their lead and we know you’ll have a fabulous time on your Mayan cruise.

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